This page has been made as a study tool for a Grade 11 Religion and Ethics class within a Catholic College. The  resources have been gathered over years and some sources have been lost in the many transformations, however we acknowledge that our work builds upon those who have gone before and where possible, sources have been attributed. I am a Catholic RE teacher and do not claim expertise in this area of study but do have a sincere interest and have attempted to gather reliable resources to support colleagues teaching this subject. This web site does not aim to provide all the  information necessary for a depth study and as such gaps and silences exist. Consider the gaps I have left and see if your students can fill them with their own research. You may like to begin with the structure and orientation of a synagogue!

The site is aimed directly at students to allow for flexibility of study time since many of our students are also attending TAFE. It is a work in progress and will provide a Teacher’s Resource page. Please feel free to leave a comment or suggest resources that you find particularly useful in your own classrooms.


Have Fun


Juliette Bentley June 2014


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