An Introduction to Judaism

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Task: 1

Click on the KWL hyperlink and complete the Know, Want to Know, Learn table and fill it in with any information you already know about Judaism. In the Learn section put information about how you will answer the want to know questions.

Task : 2

Click the image of the Magen David above and make a copy of the Prezi on Ninian Smart’s Dimensions of Religion- Judaism. Put your first name in the title then complete the activities.

Task: 3

As  you study Judaism this term you will come across a number of new terms. Go to the Quizlet page by clicking the image below and learn the terms using the tools, games and tests. Try to use the correct terminology in your work. Challenge one another. You may choose to create your own Quizlet glossary of new terms as you study this faith tradition. The registration is free.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images


 Complete the Class Timeline Activity by opening the Google Docs link provided to MSM students. You will be able to collaborate on this document whether in class or not.


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