Ethical Dimension

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God shows his nature in 2 ways

  1. Through the universe and everything in it.
  2. Through the Torah- Worship of any other God is forbidden

Task: 1

  • Make a Venn diagram and fill it with bullet points based on the 3 main branches of modern Judaism-
  1. Orthodox
  2. Reform
  3. Conservative

In the indices (spots where the circles overlap), put shared beliefs and  practices

Jewish religious practices are located in two distinct areas-

  1. The synagogue
  2. The home
  • In modern day Judaism there are rabbis, who are leaders and scholars but not priests.
  • Marriage is seen as the natural state for men and women and the living out in the cusfirst commandment in the Torah, to ‘be fruitful and multiply’.
  • Divorce is allowed, but is associated with great regret.

Sexual Ethics:

  • Sex is not considered shameful, sinful or obscene.
  • Sexual desire must be controlled and satisfied at the proper time and place and manner.
  • “The world was created to produce life” (Isa 45:18)

Environmental Ethics:

  • They believe everything belongs to God.
  • People are to be stewards of the earth, to see that its produce is available for all God’s children.
  • Property is a sacred trust given by God.
  • People have custodial care of the earth, as apposed to ownership.
  • The universe is an expression of Gods persona.

Task: 2

Christians share their spiritual foundations with Judaism and hold the same beliefs about stewardship of the earth. Locate an environmental issue in the news and create a meme that draws attention to the issue. Use an Old Testament scriptural reference to reinforce your message.


  • Methods of contraception are suitable in Judaism so long as they don’t damage the sperm or stop it getting to the intended destination. For example, the contraceptive pill, condoms.
  • Progressive and conservative Jews allow birth control, where as Orthodox Judaism is more restrictive.

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